Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
Celebrating the Golden Age of Popular Music

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Lionel Hampton, Louis Armstrong, and Lawrence Brown The rise of radio, the explosive growth of phonograph records, and the advent of talking pictures all had a profound impact on the way people listened to music in the 1920s. Jazz became a national obsession, and dance orchestras dominated, trends that remained in place until shortly after WWII. Join us as we celebrate this wonderful age with words, music and pictures.

Notes from Solid!

Moving Forward
August 14, 2015

A lot has recently changed in the way Solid! handles music. Most importantly, player embeds are no longer visible by default. This not only cuts down on the time it takes a page to load, it also makes for a neater layout as well. A new built-in music player now handles loading embeds when they’re called. When you click on the play button or song title, the embed appears and begins to play. It makes things much nicer overall and easier to manage.

We’re also hoping to minimize the use of YouTube song embeds in favor of the Internet Archive, or in certain cases self-hosting. YouTube advertising is an annoyance that we’d rather not make you experience. Unfortunately, for videos, YouTube has to remain a primary source right now.

In addition, certain changes are coming to Solid! as a whole. We’ll be shifting towards more of an IMDb or Internet Broadway Database type model. This doesn’t mean the loss of anything but instead will allow us to increase the information on the site. Instead of focusing on article-driven additions, additions will be progressive. In other words, we won’t wait until an artist is fully researched and a long article written before adding them. Research will be ongoing, with articles being expanded as more sources are consulted. This will make it easier to manage Solid! and provide quicker updates. At some point in the near future we’ll open up the site for user contributions as well.

So much still to be done!